• San Cibrao (Cervo) ...as nature intended San Cibrao (Cervo)
  • Ponte en Navia de Suarna ...as nature intended Ponte en Navia de Suarna
  • Palloza ...as nature intended Palloza
  • Santuario de Sta Mª A Real do Cebreiro ...as nature intended Santuario de Sta Mª A Real do Cebreiro
  • Faro de Ribadeo ...as nature intended Faro de Ribadeo
  • Praia das Catedrais ...as nature intended Praia das Catedrais
  • Pallozas en Piornedo ...as nature intended Pallozas en Piornedo
  • Canóns do Sil ...as nature intended Canóns do Sil
  • Castro de Viladonga ...as nature intended Castro de Viladonga
  • Ínsuas do Miño ...as nature intended Ínsuas do Miño
  • Petroglifos Monte Farelo ...as nature intended Petroglifos Monte Farelo

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Casa Solariega de Cervantes

Rural Tourism

Casa Solariega de Cervantes

San Román CP: 27664 - Cervantes

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  • T.  982 364 915/636 310 106
  • F.  982 364 915

Group-A (Large House) Turistic Excellence


  • River Miño Routes

    Summer times: 11:30h, 17:00h and 19:00h - Every day
    Duration: 1h 45´ // Places: 70 people
    Summer times: Mornings: 11:30h, 12:30h // Afternoons: 17:00h, 18:00h and 19:00h
    Duration: 45´ // Places: 70 people

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  • River Sil Routes

    Summer times: 11:30h, 17:00h and 19:00h. -  Todos los días
    Duration: 2h // Places: 2 Boats* > Mencía (110) // Cañón del Sil (55) - *1 boat for each trip

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